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Программы Mulberry Club

COMMUNICATING ACROSS CULTURES with the performed culture approach to communication

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(online program with Bob Eckhart, USA) 


Communicating is easier if you are strategic about it. You have to have a strategy.  

This strategy is simple: 

Communication is a game and people are the players. You need to learn the language and the rules. The rules are based in culture.  

Sometimes communication is simple, like checkers, and other times it is complex, like chess. This course will help you analyze your target culture and strategically approach communication in that cultural context by breaking down communication to its component parts: 

1) Time –  when does communication take place 

2) Place – exactly where does communication take place 

3) Actors – exactly who are you communicating with 

4) Script – what is the generic script for what, if anything, you should say 

5) Rules – what rules govern the conduct of each actor 

This course will consist of (10) classes and each student will receive instruction that is personalized to help them meet their individual goals. Some people want to go on holidays, some want to study abroad, others are trying to make friends online. 

ABOUT THE TEACHER: Bob Eckhart taught writing, speaking, listening, reading, and cross-cultural communication at Ohio State University for 20+ years. He taught in the English Department, English as a Second Language Programs, the College of Business, and the College of Law. His own academic background is Business Administration, Cultural Studies, and Law, so he is able to train people for many disciplines. Bob spent the spring semester 2018 as a Fulbright Scholar at Minsk State Linguistic University training English teachers and returned in spring 2019 as a Fulbright Specialist at the Management and Informatics Department at Belarusian State University. 

Dates of the course July 20 – August 19 (10 classes) 

Timetable: Monday, Wednesday 19.00 – 20.30 

Price for the course 360 BYN 

Запись возможна по телефону +375 29 101 00 88

Прекрасная возможность подтянуть язык, получить новые знания и встретить людей, которые тебя мотивируют! Лёгкая атмосфера, нацеленность на результат, талантливые преподаватели и... вкусный кофе с печеньками)

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